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The university aims to be International Centre of Excellence in all aspects of professional education.

Advisory Board

Advisory Board

At Apex Professional University, we believe in constantly striving to stretch our horizons. To this end, we are ably guided by our Advisory Boards.

Board of Advisors

Drawn from the pool of eminent thought leaders from across the country and cutting across disciplines, the Board of Advisors helps APU Leadership to see interconnections and perceive the interplay that exists amongst diverse domain areas, and the directions they are likely to take. The University also ensures that students get to interact with these visionaries leading to the awakening of latent ideas in them through the wide range of perspectives they bring in.

Industry Advisory Board

The Industry Advisory Boards (IABs) are constituted to translate the core principle of Industry-linked into actions by involving industry in relevant processes and functions of the University as equal partners. The IAB helps in narrowing the gulf that exists between academia and industry by participating in the academic functions and working with faculty on research projects. An IAB is set up for each academic programme and the members participate in the full spectrum activities from admissions to placements. 

The IABs will advise the APU leadership on industry trends and directions. They are expected to be innovative forums that will create new mechanisms to help students have a deeper and involved interaction with the Industry. Given below are a few ways the IAB supports University, although the list is by no means complete.

  • Programme design
  • Curricula matters
  • Identification Adjunct Faculty from industry
  • Process of selection of high caliber students
  • Identification of research projects
  • Process and approach for Industrial Practice/Internship
  • Placement opportunities
  • Setting up of innovation centres

Research Advisory Board

In order to strengthen the research orientation of Apex Professional University and develop it into a hub of innovation, a Research Advisory Board (RAB) has been set up consisting of well-known academics and researchers from across the world. These leading researchers will bring to APU their deep knowledge, academic rigour and research discipline in the Indian Knowledge such as Yoga, Ayurveda, NeuroArchitecture, Environment Psychology, Cosmology, Siddha and Tibinetn Medicine (Tantra).

The aim of RAB will be to help drive the ‘Research-driven’ core principle of APU. The Board will advise and actively engage with APU on all research related matters and enable it to foster linkages and partnerships with reputed international schools of higher learning as well as R&D labs in India and abroad. Select researchers, employed in these labs will be encouraged to take up visiting / adjunct positions at APU. RAB will facilitate a two-way interaction between the labs and APU, helping Ph.D students at the University to connect with researchers at the R&D labs. At a broader level, the RAB will help APU outline its research agenda and priorities.

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