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Life at APU

At APU, there are many ways to balance lifestyle and learning, and make like minded friends along the way.  Students experience the inner transformation in their lives after coming to Apex Professional University, Pasighat. There’s more to university than study.

University Life

Your student days should be among the best of your life and we have a range of ways to help make your time at APU unforgettable. 

Our campuses are a thriving community offering plenty of opportunities to enrich your university experience. Discover all APU has to offer aside from your studies, from eating to events, sport to support and everything in between. The atmosphere of a APU fosters academic excellence, understanding, brilliance, spiritual well-being, creative skills, social responsibility and a commitment towards environmental concerns. 

There are many paths up the mountain, but there is only one mountain.” – Swami Kripalu 

Sports Activities

Our students and staff have the chance to use our sporting and fitness facilities, as well as join our sports clubs. We also have a wide range of sporting events and competitions you can get involved in as a student, whether you’re looking to compete for fun or represent the university.

Student Clubs

The student clubs provide each student the opportunity to explore their passion outside their regular studies and collaborate and learn as part of a community that is bound together by shared interests.

Prakriti Evaluation

Determine Your Underlying Nature

At APU, We discover your unique prakriti and then use your daily routine, lifestyle and diet plan to empower yourself and it gives you insights into who you are and why you respond individually to the world around you. From the perspective of Ayurveda, prakriti, determines everything from the shape of your body to the way your mind, emotions, and body work. 


Vikriti is a snapshot of who you are at the time of evaluation. It may not vary much from your prakriti, but it will tell you where to put your attention.

The Campus Experience

Apex Professional University, Pasighat is an innovative fusion of the cultural heritage of the ancient Gurukul system with modern methods of teaching and learning. The campus environment, whether physical or digital, has state of the art facilities, and support services to make university life easier and enjoyable.

APU in Work

Discover the latest stories, views and videos from the Apex Professional University, including news about our research, enterprise and teaching activities.

APU in Motion

Student Council is to design university life events that energize the community and create opportunities to connect students across APU

APU in Focus

Our communications team plays a vital role conveying APU’s strengths to a wide audience. To get the latest news, Join our Telegram channel. 

APU Clubs

Meet people who share the same interests as you and learn some new skills. Clubs are open to Students only – you need to be a APU student to sign up.

Key Dates

Term dates, exam dates, closure dates and other key dates in the University calendar. For more information to visit us please go to our Visit Us page.

Your Career

Take advantage of a range of career advisory services. Our services are meant to provide a clear path forward, one that is critical to achieving student success.

Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence

We honor APU students who have best demonstrated their integration of academic excellence with other aspects of their lives, which may include leadership, campus involvement, athletics, career achievement, community service or creative and performing arts.

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