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Vice Chancellor

” Education is the most power weapon which you can use to  change the world’ – Nelson Mandela.

Apex Professional University (APU) has already obtained its golden place in the history of Arunachal Pradesh in particular and India in general. One can easily, hear the varied voices of India in its colorful campus – from north to south and west to east. Now it is not only a confluence of education and culture but also a meeting place of ancient Indian ethics, modern and post – modern thoughts. The Modern and Post – Modern thoughts in APU emphasizes on need based education – Basic & Applied Science, Law & Juridical Science to Engineering & IT technology Medical Science to Vedic & Oriental Science, Foreign Language to Modern Indian Language (MIL) besides indigenous languages/ Dialects of Arunachal Pradesh to comparative studies in near future. Our doors are open to sign MOU with other Universities of India and abroad in this regard.

APU means quality education and quality education means APU. It gives strength to the students to face the world – mentally and physically. The very word ‘Professional’ in its name indicates its aim and objective. It is ‘Professional’ to give the physical strength with livelihood and it is ‘Ethical’ to provide the mental strength with a feeling of heritage. Mixture of physcial and ethical strengths is our APEX.  Profession must be based upon ethics. Without ethics, Profession become misleading one. Misleading one is like a man in the desert – no way to come out for people’s welfare.

Leading the life to right direction is the moto of APU. This ‘right direction’ implies to ‘Scientific’ and ‘Ethical’ ways of life. It brings the students to a world of reality. Reality provides them a variety . Variety makes life colorful. Colorful life leads to prosperity. Reality, Variety and Prosperity – these three elements are the pillars of Apex Professional University. They are our “TRINITY”. For us “Reality” means the “Maheshwra”(Shiva) who leads to welfare after destruction of the evils. This is the eternal voice of the Universe “ सत्यम शिवम सुंदरम” (Satyam Shivam Sundaram)”. The Trinity pave the ways to Church, Mosque, Gompa, Gurudwara, and all other holy places and they all meet in Science, Science is the ultimatum – no more no less.

Worshiping the spirit of sciences and the light of ethical values we are fighting in APU against the superistions. Ending of superstitions will offer us a sky of science – a scientific sky with the stars of Knowledge, Wisdom, Vison and Mission. The aforesaid three pillars of APU are the brain products of one dynamic personality with Vision and Mission. His fameful name is Acharya Dhanwaant Singh, the architect of Apex Professional University. He is the founder and Honorable Chancellor of APU. We regard him as the father of Apex Professional University. To quote the Sam Veda, “We should take inspiration from the sun  and work constantly for the benefits of mankind, so that peace and prosperity prevail everywhere”.

I thank all the students who have chosen APU as holy seat for their higher studies. I am always with them with best wishes for their bright future.

Meaning: “Go Forward, Go Forward”

As said the Upanishad

Vice Chancellor
Apex Professional University