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National Science Day 2018

Celebration of National Science Day 2018 in Apex Professional University
As per the directive of DST, Government of India, Apex Professional University celebrated the National Science Day 2018 with the theme “Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future”. Acharya Dhanwaant Singh, the Hon’ble Chancellor and Founder of Apex Professional University want to encourage the dissemination of Science and Technology to bring the awareness all over the country with special emphasis on the North East India and the peoples of Arunachal Pradesh. Prof. Dr. A.A. Dange, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of the Apex Professional University motivated the local society for science education for the progress of the society.

The program was started at 10 am with the inaugural address and lighting of lamp by Mr. V.S.Moray, the Registrar of the University. The Registrar has explained the importance of the National Science Day celebration with great enthusiasm and commemorates the discovery of Raman Effect on the same day in the year 1928 by the Indian Physicist Nobel Laureate Sir Chandrasekhar Venkata Raman. The Dean (Academic & Research), Dr. Rhituraj Saikia expressed his views on the role played by young Researchers for the enlargement of the Indian Science in the International Platform in reference to the life of C.V.Raman. Dr. Manashi Borah, the Deputy Registrar, Dr. Baharul Islam, the Head of School of Law and Juridical Sciences and Dr. Shakil Akhtar, the Head of School of Humanities and Social Sciences have delivered their opinion on the growth of innovative ideas of the science students. Dr. Biswajit Singha delivered a presentation on the contribution of woman in the field of Science. Miss Meghali Das was conducting the program as host and coordinator in association with Dr. Anjali Kuwar Gao.

On this occasion, various activities like Elocution, Documentary Presentation and Science Poster Competition were conducted for the all students. The ‘Best Poster Presentation Award’ was received by Mr Japong Aboh from the department of Botany, APU. All the faculty members, staff and students have participated in the event with lot of enthusiasm. The Registrar of the University proposed the vote of thanks.

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